Payments that work wherever you do

Tap into the seamlessly integrated experience that makes virtual cards faster, easier, and safer.

Get the payment experience you’ve always wanted for your business.

Integrate seamlessly with your ERP

Automate updates through the transaction lifecycle in your ERP with a comprehensive, configurable API-based integration (that is 80% less expensive than traditional solutions).


Embed payments where you work

Streamline supplier payments so they become quick, easy, and secure. Taulia Virtual Cards is embedded in your familiar procure-to-pay workflows on the SAP Business Network.

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Bring your own bank

Ramp faster by taking advantage of existing issuer relationships, bypassing the requirements that can slow implementation. Our partnerships with Visa and Mastercard make it possible to use the bank you want to work with.


Cash benefits without worrying about fraud

Cash-flow optimizer

Maximize the return on commercial credit by holding onto cash longer and earning rebates on more of your spend when you consolidate payments with Taulia Virtual Cards.

Secure payment controls

Avoid fraud, establish control, and reduce complications common to errors in payment timing, amount, and frequency.

Transparency and value-added tools

Suppliers can access rich remittance detail, current and historical, while Cash Analytics leverages real-time data and AI to assess future initiatives and adapt with actionable insights.

Streamlined for SAP and beyond

Ours is the only Virtual Card solution that comprehensively integrates with your Oracle and SAP ERP without any IT project support. This extends to all ERPs, resulting in a seamless connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In fact, in many cases, Taulia will be able to work with your existing bank, so that you can use a commercial credit line from your bank through Taulia Virtual Cards. As a result, you’ll be able to:

• Maximize the return on your credit relationship as you extend usage
• Take on new use cases and address previously unavailable spend flows
• Experience the ease of complete automation with your ERP system
• Keep certain suppliers on your bank program (if the benefits outweigh migration)

Taulia analyzes your spend and works with you to establish the right mix for your payables solutions. In many cases, Taulia Virtual Cards will fill a gap in your working capital management mix by targeting suppliers currently underserved or not represented in existing strategies. As a result, Taulia Virtual Cards becomes complementary to a full and robust effort to accelerate cash flow.

Taulia currently partners with global and regional banks that are a part of the Mastercard In Control® for Commercial Payments network. Learn more about the partnership with Mastercard.

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