Save both time and money

You’ll have more resources and time to spend on growing your business. Better cash flow too – and opportunities for more cash, period.

Get your cash working for you

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business, and Virtual Cards lets you hold onto your money for longer. This gives you more working capital to seize on business opportunities as soon as they arise.

Achieve peace of mind

Eliminate the fraud risks associated with physical cards and wire transfers. Virtual cards are also faster and easier to set up than ACH transfers.

Safeguard your resources

You’ll have leverage for lowering costs and improving your margins, as well as avoiding unauthorized, recurring, or unexpected charges.

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    Why suppliers like Virtual Cards too

    Our Virtual Cards are designed to benefit all your suppliers, whatever their size and type. Just like you, they will be able to save time and money on payment administration and reconciliation, as well as compliance. They won’t have to worry about chasing payments either.

    They’ll appreciate the extra payment accessibility, transparency, and flexibility, plus tools for making it easier to do business with you.

    Above all, they’ll gain extra peace of mind, especially as they can check payment status and other details from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits that keep adding up

The potential advantages span many areas of business, from day-to-day operations to better relationships and planning capabilities.

Secure payment controls

With a single-use card, you don’t have to worry about fraud or overcharging as it’s pre-programmed to be charged for a set amount.

Transparent value-added tools

After fast digital onboarding, suppliers can access rich remittance detail, from historical invoice and payment data through to payment status.

Better planning with cash analytics

Soon, you’ll be able to leverage real-time data and our AI to plot and assess the potential of future working capital initiatives, then track performance and adapt with actionable insights.

Dedicated supplier targeting

Our team of outreach experts is here to help you identify which suppliers accept cards, communicate the benefits, and help onboard them quickly so that you scale fast.

Embraces hard-to-reach suppliers

Suppliers that accept cards and tend towards high-volume, low-value transactions are hard to tempt with Dynamic Discounting and other approaches, but Virtual Cards can work for them – and you.

Orchestrate your cash flow

Ours is the only virtual cards solution designed to orchestrate your cash flow from top to bottom, especially when used in conjunction with our solutions suite.

Why Taulia?

Making the most of your working capital is not just confined to our Virtual Cards. At Taulia, working capital management is at the center of everything we can do for you, across areas such as payables, receivables, and even inventory. Our working capital solutions will work for your entire supplier base, from the largest to the smallest.

And if you use SAP resource planning, our solution delivers even more advantages. It represents the most streamlined reconciliation with native SAP S/4HANA integration, giving you a seamless connection with all your systems.

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Maximize your cash flow and solve your payment challenges

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