Businesses the world over are facing challenges – including those who supply you.

  • supply-chain-resilience-financial-health

    Unstable financial health

    The financial health of your suppliers can pose a threat to your business. By providing easy and inexpensive access to capital you can mitigate the chance of supplier insolvency.

  • supply-chain-resilience-production-meeting

    Production meeting demand

    A big order is a moment to be celebrated. Yet without sufficient capital, fulfilling the order can be an impossible task. Offering on-demand access to cash can help ensure your suppliers are able to fulfill your orders in full and on time.

  • supply-chain-resilience-feeling-the-strain

    Feeling the strain

    The ‘just-in-time’ supply chain models are often stretched to a breaking point. Taulia helps forge a middle path that shows long lead times or overstocking are not inevitable.

How it works

Taulia Payables

Create a more resilient supply chain by offering liquidity options to your suppliers so they can continue to provide the goods you need. At a click of a button, your suppliers can have invoices paid immediately instead of waiting for cash at a later date.

With Dynamic Discounting, you use your own cash to make the payment and obtain a discount on the invoice. With Supply Chain Finance, a third-party funder makes the payment on your behalf, and your payment timing is unaffected.

Taulia Inventory

Mitigate long lead times, stock outages, and production delays, and end the reluctance to hold consignment inventory.

Taulia Inventory provides cash preservation for you and your suppliers. Taulia’s solution can help you improve your balance sheet position and that of your suppliers by owning goods in transit or at a nearby warehouse.

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