Your ESG vision, in action

Organizational pledges to improve environmental, social, and governance issues are just the beginning. Taulia’s platform drives actionable and measurable ESG collaboration across your entire supply chain.

Sustainable Supplier Finance HERO

An aligned ecosystem.

Extend ESG initiatives across your supply chain.

Meaningful motivation

Supplier incentives can take the form of preferential rates on early payments to those who demonstrate commitment to environmental performance or who qualify on social criteria.

In tune with stated aims

Forward-thinking companies committed to supporting certain types of businesses (minority-owned or those in developing countries, for example) can do so by delivering capital to those in need.

Theory into practice

Actively encouraging positive performance through financial incentives creates a more functional – and therefore sustainable – community.

Everything needed to achieve your goals,
all in one solution.

Step-by-step guidance

Taulia provides comprehensive support for your program – from selecting the right funders, setting discount tiers, internal change management, supplier outreach, and reporting to program stakeholders – to help you maximize success.

ESG Performance Dashboard

At a glance, this unique tool lets you see how sharing ESG qualifications allows suppliers to benefit from preferential liquidity. If your board wants to see results that align with baseline expectations, here they are. If not, it’s clear what actions to take.

Supplier liquidity segments

Ensure the most cost-effective funding goes where you want it to go. Preferential methods might be specific financing rates for suppliers that meet performance objectives or social criteria. The matrix can be as multi-layered or as simple as best suits you. We’re here to pave the way.

Data source-agnostic

Businesses track ESG objectives in various ways, and Taulia adapts to your environment by tapping into any of those data sources. We are configured to handle ESG data sources from rating agencies such as EcoVadis, government sources, supplier self-attestation, company scorecards, and more.


Why Bridgestone chose Taulia…


“Our award-winning Sustainable Supply Chain Financing initiative is a tangible demonstration of how the Finance function can play its part in driving sustainability. We are grateful to the Taulia financial technology solution that helps make this possible.”

Julle Pedersen

Treasury Director for Bridgestone Europe, Middle East, India, Africa (EMIA)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESG? ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. Together, these three principles form a framework that’s used to measure how sustainably, ethically, and responsibly an organization is acting. ESG is most often used to describe the efforts companies take to mitigate the potential negative outcomes of their operations. It also refers to a…
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What is supply chain finance? Supply chain finance, also known as supplier finance or reverse factoring, is a financing solution in which suppliers can receive early payment on their invoices. Supply chain finance reduces the risk of supply chain disruption and enables both buyers and suppliers to optimize their working capital. Unlike other receivables finance…
What is supplier relationship management? Supplier relationship management is the set of processes that organizations use to build, manage, and maintain relationships with their suppliers, or vendors. A supplier relationship management strategy is essential to ensure that relationships are built productively, with a view to increasing the overall effectiveness and resilience of the supply chain….

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