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Taulia has great people, first-rate tech, and a best-in-class network of over three million businesses. But what defines us is our delivery and outcomes.

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Customer success is our success

Taulia has an extensive history of creating successful outcomes for our clients –
but there is more to a program than just the technology.

Our people

It is the skill, experience, and intelligence of the people at Taulia you will be working with that will stand out as they support your objectives and become partners in your success.

Our motivation

We are motivated by a shared belief that we can and do deliver excellent results for our customers. Each department at Taulia is performance-driven and operates collaboratively to ensure our customers succeed.

The capability of a powerful
three million-strong network

Taulia has built a suite of partnerships with banks and non-bank financial institutions to support the needs of customers on our extensive network, which has led to over $4 trillion transacted through our platform.

Trusted by leading financial institutions

Taulia’s network of banks and financial partners, which includes J.P. Morgan, UniCredit, and Standard Chartered, among many others, can seamlessly help businesses with access to the cash they need.


SAP & Taulia

Taulia is part of SAP. Our cloud technology is SAP-friendly, and being within the SAP Business Network, our solutions can seamlessly support millions of businesses all across the globe.


We fully understand the ERP ecosystem

But we don’t only support SAP. Our technology is ERP-agnostic, so everything fits together intuitively within your native environment, SAP or otherwise.


Why Sasol chose Taulia…


“We saw at least a 2.5x ROI over and above making investment decisions on our cash, borrowing in the market, including spending money on the program itself.”

François Coetzee

Project, Bank and Cash Manager

Everything needed to achieve your goals,
all in one solution.

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One connection point

Our Cash Flow Acceleration™ platform links you to your suppliers, customers, and funders across all systems to continuously execute your working capital goals.

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True flexibility

Our Multifunder network allows you to find the right funder, regardless of shifting bank appetites. Diversify your bank partners and ensure you have continued access to the liquidity you need.

Visibility and actionable insights

Reduce the burden of data analysis and collection as our AI-powered prediction models illuminate actionable insights to make smarter choices to get cash moving faster.

Unlock the power of cash

Accelerate your cash flow today.

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