Free up the cash trapped in your unpaid invoices

Improve your balance sheet and fuel growth by turning your receivables into cash.

Accelerate payments on your receivables
through a diverse range of funders.


Taulia’s ERP integration seamlessly transmits all receivables invoices, accounting entries, and reconciliation to multiple funders. This simplifies the entire process, increases efficiency, and reduces operational risk.

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Access to funders worldwide

Our innovative technology and Multifunder capability allow you to start selling receivables to a diverse pool of working capital investors, all from a single integration and contract.


Complete cash

conversion cycle support

Our best-in-class platform delivers sophisticated, flexible, and complete working capital solutions across the entire cash conversion cycle. That means we can leverage your Receivables program to provide liquidity for your Dynamic Discounting programs and provide a treasury arbitrage opportunity.


Traditional receivables financing lacks the required tech to scale effectively.
That’s where we step in.


With just one agreement and integration, you can access funds around the world.


Fund all your receivables by leveraging multiple funders with different risk appetites.

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Choose the receivables you want to sell – when you want, how you want.


Use the proceeds to run your business operations and enjoy the freedom of greater flexibility in your cash flow.


Gain insight into your payment history and receivables performance.


Avoid the high charges and inflexibility of legacy providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accounts receivable (AR) financing? Accounts receivable or AR financing is a type of financing arrangement which is based on a company receiving financing capital in return for a chosen portion of its accounts receivable. An AR financing arrangement can be structured in several ways, including as an asset sale or a loan. Essentially,…
What is receivables finance? Receivables finance, or receivables financing, is a trade finance method businesses can use to receive funding matching the amounts owed to it by its customers in outstanding invoices. These amounts are known as trade receivables or accounts receivable. By financing its receivables, a business can receive payments earlier, meaning it can…
What are trade receivables? Trade receivables are defined as the amount owed to a business by its customers following the sale of products or services on credit. Also known as accounts receivable, trade receivables are classified as current assets on the balance sheet. Most companies allow their customers to use credit on purchases of goods…
What is working capital management? Working capital management is a business process that helps companies make effective use of their current assets and optimize cash flow. It’s oriented around ensuring short-term financial obligations and expenses can be met, while also contributing towards longer-term business objectives. The goal of working capital management is to maximize operational…

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