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What is Supply Chain Finance?

Taulia’s Supply Chain Finance, also known as Reverse Factoring, is a type of supplier finance that provides funding in a way that benefits everyone. A third-party funder pays your suppliers early, giving them critical liquidity. You then pay the funder in line with your payment terms, preserving your cash.

Unlock working capital for both you and your suppliers

Supply Chain Finance sits at the center of your global working capital strategy. With our intelligent and transparent platform, both parties have control over cash flow. You can collaborate to craft programs that meet each party’s liquidity objectives. Payment terms become academic.

Effectively benchmark your ESG performance

Taulia’s Sustainable Supplier Finance offers compelling incentives for all suppliers to participate in your environmental, social, and governance initiative, ensuring that your company gets a more comprehensive view of its total footprint.

Switch from negotiation to collaboration

Our solution helps manage the complexity of large global supply chains and improves supplier relations. Relationships with suppliers focus more on value creation and less on payment terms. By providing access to cash at a reasonable cost, you are investing in the relationship.

Invest in stability and resilience

Your global supply chain is one of your most strategic assets, so it pays to look after it and reduce supply chain risk. Ensuring consistent access to finance when suppliers need it offers them resilience against economic volatility, greater financial certainty and stability that helps them to invest in innovation or improving efficiency and quality.

  • Reach and flexibility for your supply chain


    Our supply chain finance solution can scale quickly and reach across your entire supply chain. Our network has more than 2 million suppliers across 150+ countries. New customers find that up to two-thirds of their suppliers are already on Taulia. Enrollment of new suppliers is simple using our online agreement. Our team of experts can supercharge outreach to suppliers and get optimal results.

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    Your liquidity strategy may change over time. Your program can change too. Only with Taulia can you switch between third-party funded supply chain finance and self-funded dynamic discounting, or run both programs simultaneously. Suppliers will have a common experience and can rest assured that they will have consistent access to funds. When you have excess cash, you can put it to better use and earn risk-free returns. Furthermore, our multi-bank financing model reduces your risk and dependency on a single financial institution.

  • esg

    Turn your ESG vision into reality

    Taulia’s Sustainable Supplier Finance enables you to make your external Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives actionable and deliver measurable results.

    Incentivize your supply chain by rewarding suppliers that meet ESG performance standards with attractive financing rates to support their growth.

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Taulia delivers the keys to success

All successful supply chain finance programs share certain characteristics.


    Your program needs to fit your unique supply chain and working capital goals. Taulia Consultants combine their deep industry, technical and financial expertise with data-driven insights to craft a winning program. With Taulia:

    • Drive alignment with your internal stakeholders
    • Equip Procurement to execute on negotiations
    • Articulate the value to suppliers




    Supply chain finance brings value across all your supplier relationships. Implement a solution that opens up opportunities and strengthens your entire supply chain.

    • Offer early payment to suppliers of all sizes
    • Suppliers control the rate and frequency at which they take early payment, ensuring no disruption in their own cash flow




    Adoption is the single biggest factor in shaping a successful program. Many traditional programs fail due to onerous supplier onboarding processes and a lack of supplier education.

    • A network of over 2 million suppliers, with unmatched supplier adoption rates. Most of your suppliers are already enrolled and taking early payments
    • Enroll suppliers quickly. With no lengthy paperwork or legal onboarding required, all suppliers can have access to early payments
    • Lean on the experience of our teams to enroll as many suppliers as possible. From seasoned sales teams and dedicated marketing resources to simple enrollment processes, Taulia makes life easier for you and your suppliers
    Keys to success

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