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Offer your suppliers a reliable stream of cash using third-party funding.

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Supply Chain Finance provides funding
that benefits all.


Our solution can scale quickly across your entire supply chain. With our network having more than three million suppliers and operating globally, our team can supercharge outreach and get optimal results.



Your working capital strategy may change over time, so your program can change too. You can switch between third-party-funded Supply Chain Finance and self-funded Dynamic Discounting or run both programs simultaneously. Suppliers will have a unified experience and can rest assured that they will have consistent access to funds.



With our intelligent and transparent platform, extensive funding reach, and industry-leading experience, we have supported far-reaching and vital global supply chains. We are particularly proud of our adoption rates; we are able to enroll 85% of your applicable supplier spend in just one year.


Taulia delivers the keys to success

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Credit note handling

Automatically net credit notes against future early payments or block invoices from being funded early when an outstanding credit is linked to a supplier. Offer early payments without having to worry about making manual adjustments.

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Supplier-friendly tech

Our best-in-class platform gives every supplier the ability to enroll with a few clicks, as well as access to rich remittance that includes full payment and invoice-level detail, with no lengthy paperwork or legal onboarding required.

Extensive funding options

With Multifunder, leverage partnerships with as many banks as needed without worrying about individual negotiations. Also, avoid being beholden to a single bank that may be constrained by their revenue expectations and inability to cover certain currencies.

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Why Sasol chose Taulia…

“We saw at least a 2.5x ROI over and above making investment decisions on our cash, borrowing in the market, including spending money on the program itself.”

François Coetzee

Project, Bank and Cash Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is supply chain finance? Supply chain finance, also known as supplier finance or reverse factoring, is a financing solution in which suppliers can receive early payment on their invoices. Supply chain finance reduces the risk of supply chain disruption and enables both buyers and suppliers to optimize their working capital. Unlike other receivables finance…
What is a virtual card? A virtual card is a payment method that is virtual rather than physical. It functions similarly to a traditional credit card but takes the form of a single-use 16-digit number and three-digit CVV code generated online, instead of a plastic or metal card that is received through the post. Virtual…
What is accounts receivable (AR) financing? Accounts receivable or AR financing is a type of financing arrangement which is based on a company receiving financing capital in return for a chosen portion of its accounts receivable. An AR financing arrangement can be structured in several ways, including as an asset sale or a loan. Essentially,…
What is 2/10 net 30? 2/10 net 30 is a trade credit often offered by suppliers to buyers. It represents an agreement that the buyer will receive a 2% discount on the net invoice amount if they pay within 10 days. Otherwise, the full invoice amount is due within 30 days. It’s one of the…
What is accounts payable? Accounts payable (AP) represents the amount that a company owes to its creditors and suppliers (also referred to as a current liability account). Accounts payable is recorded on the balance sheet under current liabilities. When a business purchases goods or services from a supplier on credit, payment isn’t made straight away,…
What is an early payment discount? An early payment discount is a form of trade finance, allowing buyers to pay a discounted amount to suppliers in exchange for settling invoices before their maturity date. Also known as a prompt payment discount or early settlement discount, it’s typically calculated as a percentage of the goods and…

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