Get paid early

Receive early payment from your customers on outstanding receivables and use the cash to meet your working capital needs.


Improve your ability to grow
with the freedom that early payments offer.

Overcome gaps in your cash flow

Whether you’re looking for a one-off early payment for a specific business need, or a steady flow of cash, your customers can facilitate access to affordable liquidity as and when you need it.


Create predictability in collections

Financing your business isn’t always easy. Many traditional methods involve significant amounts of paperwork and, if you’re a small business, you may not have access to the funds you need.


Invest in and grow your business

The good news is that with Taulia it doesn’t matter how large or small your business is. Once you’re enrolled, you can request early payment on your approved invoices or choose to automate early payment for all future invoices as soon as they’ve been approved by your customer – and then use that cash to grow.


Everything needed to achieve your goals,
all in one solution.

SAP Business Network

Taulia is part of the SAP Business Network, which offers you a streamlined option to collaborate with your trading partners and navigate the networked economy.

Speed of delivery

Our cash flow acceleration is unmatched by any bank. With our integration, you can receive early payment on your receivables as soon as they are approved.

Working capital control

You choose to what extent and when you want early payment, whether it’s to meet short or long-term goals, growth, or support the day-to-day operations of your business.

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Why Sasol chose Taulia…

“We saw at least a 2.5x ROI over and above making investment decisions on our cash, borrowing in the market, including spending money on the program itself.”

François Coetzee

Project, Bank and Cash Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an early payment discount? An early payment discount is a form of trade finance, allowing buyers to pay a discounted amount to suppliers in exchange for settling invoices before their maturity date. Also known as a prompt payment discount or early settlement discount, it’s typically calculated as a percentage of the goods and…
What is receivables finance? Receivables finance, or receivables financing, is a trade finance method businesses can use to receive funding matching the amounts owed to it by its customers in outstanding invoices. These amounts are known as trade receivables or accounts receivable. By financing its receivables, a business can receive payments earlier, meaning it can…
What is 2/10 net 30? 2/10 net 30 is a trade credit often offered by suppliers to buyers. It represents an agreement that the buyer will receive a 2% discount on the net invoice amount if they pay within 10 days. Otherwise, the full invoice amount is due within 30 days. It’s one of the…
What is accounts receivable (AR) financing? Accounts receivable or AR financing is a type of financing arrangement which is based on a company receiving financing capital in return for a chosen portion of its accounts receivable. An AR financing arrangement can be structured in several ways, including as an asset sale or a loan. Essentially,…

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