Make smarter working capital choices

Our Cash Flow Acceleration Platform™ offers a complete solution.


Free up cash through your supply chain.


Improve your balance sheet and insulate against inflation.


Assure supply and preserve cash.


  • Multiple liquidity sources, on a single contract, at one point of integration
  • Our funding network, made up of banks and non-bank financial institutions, share a single platform
  • Diversity of funding provides the resilience and scale for managing cash – across your entire cash conversion cycle; worldwide

Cash Analytics

  • Have complete visibility into the cash flow across your business
  • Uncover the opportunities for working capital optimization
  • Receive guidance on how to best optimize your working capital

Supplier Management

  • Real-time updates on POs, invoices, and payments reduce inquiries
  • Self-serviced accounts keep supplier details up-to-date
  • Streamlined communications and inquiries help all sides stay informed

Sustainable Supplier Finance

  • Encourage suppliers to share their ESG qualifications
  • Offer affordable funding to support their growth
  • Track the liquidity accelerated to ESG-qualified suppliers and tie those numbers to your initiatives

Everything needed to achieve your goals,
all in one solution.

One connection point

Our Cash Flow Acceleration Platform™ links you to your suppliers, customers, and funders across all systems to continuously execute your working capital goals.

True flexibility

Our Multifunder network allows you to find the right funder, regardless of shifting bank appetites. Diversify your bank partners and ensure you have continued access to liquidity.

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Visibility & actionable insights

Reduce the burden of data analysis and collection as our AI-powered prediction models illuminate actionable insights to make smarter choices to get cash moving faster.

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For enterprises

An enterprise-grade solution

Taulia provides a complete working capital solution for forward-thinking operations.

For suppliers

The power of the Taulia B2B network, on your side

Be part of our global community and connect to a network that delivers transparency, resilience, and sustainability.

Why Sasol chose Taulia…

“We saw at least a 2.5x ROI over and above making investment decisions on our cash, borrowing in the market, including spending money on the program itself.”

François Coetzee

Project, Bank and Cash Manager

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