Finding information

We all know that getting information from customers can be less than straightforward.

Whether you’re looking for a PO number or trying to pin down an invoice status, the information you need is often locked away in your customer’s ERP. Tracking down the relevant information can take time and effort – particularly if your customer is a large organization or in a different country.

Crystal clear

With Taulia’s supplier portal, it’s simple to access the information you need while keeping your customer informed of any changes.

Access information
With our self-service capabilities, you can easily log in and access information about your purchase orders, invoices and payments.

Update information
You can keep your address, bank account details and tax filing documents up-to-date.

Keep in touch
If you need to contact your customer, our communication features allow you to connect with them quickly and efficiently.

  • Self Service benefits


    • Our self-service functionality means you can easily source the information you need, 24/7.

    • Better visibility and convenient communication features provide effective vendor management.

    • And best of all, it’s free to use.

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