Flexible options

Help is at hand with Taulia’s range of fast and simple invoice submission methods. Whether you’re looking to create an invoice from a purchase order or integrate with your customer’s system, our electronic invoicing solutions make sure your invoices get where they need to go:

PO-based invoice
Use eFlip to turn a purchase order into an invoice automatically and submit it via the supplier portal.

Non-PO based invoice
Use eForm to create your invoice using a form on the supplier portal.

Multiple invoices
Use eUpload to submit a list of invoices all at once.

Large invoice volumes
Use eFile for invoice submission using system-to-system integration or eSend for structured data PDFs.

Whatever your chosen method, invoice submission with Taulia is automatic, convenient and free to use. With invoices delivered straight to your customer’s ERP system, the risk of error or delay to the invoicing process is greatly reduced. What’s not to like?

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