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The Taulia way

Let’s begin with why we’re here. The Taulia mission:

Powering businesses to run better by building the future of finance. Together.

The most potent word is the last: together. It speaks to our guiding belief in mutual benefit and trust. That belief stems directly from our values and feeds back into them.

Customer success is our success

Delivering results for our clients means we all grow together. Our logo represents this principle of interconnectedness. It’s fundamental.

We get shit done

We show up. We help and support each other to deliver results for our customers. We live and breathe successful outcomes.

Diversity is how we grow

Diversity is a key enabler of growth – it makes us stronger. We ensure every voice is valued by bringing together ethnicities, cultures, orientations, and backgrounds.

Taulians embody the ethos

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“Taulia has given me the opportunity to grow in ways I didn’t know I had to. The people here are collaborative and supportive, working together to carry our values to foster innovation, growth, and impactful work.”

A J Heil

Human Resources

Taulia is for everyone

In our inclusive, open, and nurturing environment, everyone can do their best work, be recognized, and be rewarded. A vigorously supportive workplace culture is critical to every Taulian, so we all actively contribute.

A vigorously supportive workplace culture is critical to every Taulian, so we all actively contribute.

Read more about Taulia’s culture in our dedicated blog series.


Every voice valued

Taulians actively respect diversity in each other, in our customers, and in everyone we encounter. This positive ethos fuels innovation, encourages authenticity, and lets every voice resonate.

We value what makes you unique and support everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical or mental ability. This active celebration of diversity connects us to each other and to our customers. It’s the cornerstone of our success.

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Want to grow your career and make

an impact from day one?

Interview process

We are protective of our equitable and supportive culture. The interview process plays a crucial role in sustaining our shared values. It also builds on them, allowing our culture to grow even further.


Phone Screen Calls

An introductory phone call or two for us to get to know each other better.


Hiring Manager Video Interview

Speak with your potential manager to see whether the relationship may be a good fit.



You could be asked to put together a piece of work so we can see how you perform. Do note that not everyone will need to do an assessment – they are only used for certain roles.

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Virtual on-site interview

Meet with potential colleagues and cross-functional teams that you may partner with in your position. This interview allows you to understand your role and peer group better.


Department head interview

How do you add to our culture within the broader team? Chat with your hiring manager and find out.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

When an organization prioritizes building and developing an inclusive environment, they are investing in their most significant asset: their people.


Learning & Development

Taulians are fully supported with multiple avenues for growth, which include career development support, professional coaching, further education opportunities, and the Taulia LIFT mentorship program.


Student Opportunities

Each year, Taulia offers a group of students the opportunity to intern and receive professional hands-on experience in a business setting. This program also offers career development opportunities, mentorship, the potential for a lot of fun, and the possibility of a conversion to a full-time role.

Taulia Internship Program

Internships are the beginnings of one’s professional development, so working at a company like Taulia can be incredibly beneficial, both in the short term and for your entire career.


Want to grow your career and make an impact from day one?