Easy to use invoice automation
for all of your suppliers

The complex web of manual processes and paper-handling in accounts payable has become obsolete. With our electronic invoicing software solution, you can streamline invoice data capture, automate your accounts payable process, and dramatically reduce processing costs and errors. Our automated invoicing options are designed to suit every type of supplier so you can achieve your goals with just one solution.


Invoicing options - Supplier self-service: eForm, eFlip, CSV upload | Cognitive Invoicing: PDF upload, eSend | Integrated Invoicing: efile

Supplier Self-Service Invoicing

When you have thousands of low invoice volume suppliers, creating process change can be like herding cats. Simplicity and ease of use are critical when driving adoption. With Taulia’s self-service invoicing, suppliers can quickly and easily submit invoices by flipping purchase orders, completing a simple online form or uploading a batch of invoices in CSV, PDF or TIFF formats.

Cognitive Invoicing

Through a unique partnership with Google that uses its latest document understanding machine learning, invoices are read and parsed directly to your ERP systems. You can achieve 100% electronic invoicing and improve visibility across accounts payable without requiring changes in your suppliers’ behavior.

Integrated Invoicing

With high volume suppliers, processing thousands of invoices per year is an onerous task. Taulia’s AP invoice automation solution supports numerous system-to-system communication formats such as EDI and XML that completely remove the human involvement in the process for both you and your supplier.

Creating successful invoice

See how many of your suppliers already use Taulia

Don’t start from scratch. Taulia’s global invoicing solution is a network of 2 million suppliers in 228 countries, already submitting electronic invoices through our platform. See how many of your suppliers already use Taulia.


  • 2 million
  • 228

Manage the complexity of global compliance

Meeting the unique invoicing requirements in countries across the globe is no small task. We provide compliance services in partnership with PWC, EY and Trustweaver.


Make electronic invoicing easy for suppliers

Driving supplier adoption is the foundation for successful AP automation. That’s why our invoice processing solution is free for suppliers and has a 90-second supplier registration process.


  • 90 seconds
    supplier registration process

Go beyond the invoice

Integrated invoicing covers just one document, but high-volume suppliers want straight-through-processing for all their documents. Taulia’s Purchase Order Collaboration solution automates delivery, confirmation and change of your POs, but we don’t stop there. Other documents such as payment remittance for cash application and advanced shipping notices can also be connected based on your specific needs.

  • Increase your discount opportunities

    Increase your discount opportunities and reduce the total cost of invoice management

    Automating invoice data capture means you’ll be able to accelerate invoice approval times. With faster approval, you can capture lost early payment discount opportunities. For many Taulia customers, these savings allow them to more than cover their invoice automation costs, turning accounts payable into a profit center.

    Combining invoice automation with Dynamic Discounting makes this a reality. Through the same platform, suppliers can advance payment as soon as the invoice is approved. The earlier the payment, the greater the discount.

    Dynamic Discounting

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