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You get smarter options for managing cash flow; your suppliers can tap into a steady stream of liquidity.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business.
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Scale without limits

Seamless integration capabilities with your ERP equals richer remittance detail and immediate supplier value, all with far less manual interaction.



Taulia’s platform allows you to shape your program to suit your precise needs. For example, combine Supply Chain Finance and Dynamic Discounting into one program for minimal impact on the balance sheet.


Proven expertise

Taulia’s superior funding reach and industry-leading experience allow us to accelerate billions in early payments – globally.


Free up cash
throughout your supply chain

Flexibly combine the power of Supply Chain Finance, Dynamic Discounting, and Virtual Cards and offer a strong liquidity option to your suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Climbing interest rates raise the cost of borrowing across all channels your suppliers access. Taulia customers have adjusted rates on self-funded early payments accordingly, taking into account:

• Their own cost of funds
• Preference for offering fixed or variable-rate funding (based on an index like SOFR or Euribor)
• Taulia’s predictive spend analysis uses AI with millions of data points to segment suppliers by rates they are likely to accept
• Objectives to enhance supplier resilience and relationships versus achievement of discounts

Flexible Funding is a feature for Taulia Payables that allows buyer organizations to use the right funding at the right time. It gives corporate treasurers options to meet their short-term cash flow needs without restricting the liquidity suppliers rely on. Consistent, reliable access to liquidity ensures a program can continue to perform at a high level.

A recent enhancement to the existing feature allows customers to dynamically transition between their cash (in Dynamic Discounting) and third-party funding (with Supply Chain Finance) for early payments. Flexible Funding 2.0 uses a customer’s prescribed liquidity limits to automatically pull from the right source of funds on an invoice-by-invoice basis.

Rate parity concerns the consistent cost of supplier financing between funding sources. Traditionally, companies have sought to maximize their yield on dynamic discounting while insisting banks keep their margins thin on accelerated payments for suppliers. This rate disparity incentivizes suppliers to “shop” for the best price when both funding sources co-exist in a Flexible Funding-enabled program. A better approach is fair and consistent pricing between funding sources so that suppliers feel like they get a good deal on needed liquidity and buyers optimize the return on their investment with high supplier participation.

Flexible Funding 2.0 is designed to help you meet your short-term cash objectives. Use Flexible Funding when you need to:

• Make DPO or CCE improvements for financial reporting
• Free up cash for an unplanned initiative (not forecasted)
• Avoid running short on cash payment accounts (due to early payment demand)
• Leverage a low-risk investment option for idle cash
• Maneuver as market conditions shift
• Improve supplier relationships with access to reliable cash flow

Generally speaking, no. Flexible Funding offers a blended experience of Taulia’s Supply Chain Finance and Dynamic Discounting solutions. Whereas Supply Chain Finance permits one early payment offer per day, Dynamic Discounting presents multiple offers on a sliding scale the user can review on a digital calendar. Selecting fixed or variable-rate financing with Dynamic Discounting will influence whether suppliers receive one or multiple offers per day in certain situations when Flexible Funding is activated. Consistent pricing between funding sources — structured in advance through collaboration by all parties — also ensures a unified experience for suppliers.

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