Committed to Sustainability

As a business and as individuals, we take extreme care over how what we do affects the planet, environmentally, economically, and socially.

We believe in
treating people right.

Taulia was founded with the philosophy of treating suppliers the right way, with more equitable rates, affordable liquidity, and fairness.

ESG-based incentives

We provide solutions, such as Sustainable Supplier Finance, that enable our customers to drive actionable and measurable ESG collaboration across their entire supply chain.


Crucial for our purpose and to our success

Actively encouraging positive performance through financial incentives deliver both real-world value and creates a more functional – and therefore sustainable – community.


People, practices, planet

Taulia also aims to lead by example in our sustainable operations.
Our Global Environmental Objectives determine how we do business and the footprint we leave across our global network.

Climate & Energy

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, which includes achieving carbon neutrality at Taulia, in conjunction with SAP.

Value chain

Our longer-term goal is to achieve net-zero along our value chain.


We have zero electronic waste – an achievement we are working to maintain.


We aim to continually reduce Taulia’s overall water consumption.


All employees are trained on our environmental program and are empowered to contribute.


Continue to develop solutions that enable our customers to run their businesses as sustainable enterprises.

Investment in people

We have developed a culture in which all Taulians can be more socially conscious, responsible, and skilled.

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Mentoring, Training, and Coaching

Taulians are fully supported with multiple avenues for growth and development, such as training in ethics, well-being, and compliance, opportunities for professional coaching, continuing education, and the Taulia LIFT mentorship program.

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Taulia is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our duty to create and advance a diverse and inclusive company where all individuals are welcomed, free to express themselves, and rewarded for showing up authentically every day.

Communities and Initiatives

For personal and social growth, Taulians have access to LIFT Women, for raising the careers of women in the technical and financial industries, Taulians for the Greater Good, which champions social responsibility and environmental stewardship, and the DEI Task Force, committed to ensuring continued diversity and equity within Taulia.

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