Charting CFO paths: 2023-24 insights report

Charting CFO paths: 2023-24 insights report

Interest rates, political instability, and the potential for recession were key priorities for CFOs during 2023. This report takes a look back at how 2023 shaped up against our surveyed CFO predictions and looks forward to their priorities for 2024.

One year ago, CFOs were grappling with inflation, supply chain disruption, and the need to maintain a positive cash position. As 2023 unfolded, inflation remained a concern, but high levels started to subside, bringing new possibilities and challenges.

Find out more on:

  1. What CFOs are expecting for 2024, including their biggest challenges and opportunities
  2. Lessons learned from 2023 and how to action them
  3. The importance of emerging technologies for CFOs and their teams
  4. Why working capital management is becoming increasingly important for CFOs