This report offers analysis from our annual survey of the suppliers on our network. Covering a wide range of industries, sizes, and geographies, this edition presents unique perspectives from uncertain and disruptive times.

During 2020, the world’s supply chains saw enormous disruption, leading to untold pressure on the organizations relying on them. Technology is a key tool to help businesses bridge cash flow gaps and create payment certainty – over 56% of suppliers are now looking for early payment.

In this year’s annual supplier survey, over 19,400 suppliers on the Taulia network shared their insights. – a record number to date.


By reading this report, you will gain insight into:

  • Why suppliers take early payments
  • How late payments can be disruptive to businesses
  • What suppliers have to say about the Taulia platform

Read the full, annual survey and find out what your suppliers really think about using early payments as a cash flow solution.

 Please note that this report is based on data taken from a survey conducted in 2019.


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