Companies today are struggling to communicate with their suppliers for a number of reasons. Luckily for you, Taulia has a feature called Taulia Collaborate, which includes a number of tools enabling you and your suppliers to communicate efficiently.

July 02, 2021
By Gregg Geil
By Gregg Geil

Supply chain collaboration is a hot topic today – and it’s easy to see why as companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain enjoy cost reductions, more business opportunities, less admin, and healthier relationships with suppliers.

But more often than not, companies today are struggling to efficiently communicate with their suppliers for a number of different reasons. The result of this poor collaboration can jeopardize the buyer-supplier relationship, increase the time and effort spent resolving invoice issues, and sometimes lead to delayed supplier payments. All in all, it’s clear that good communication is key to robust supply chains.

Streamlining communications with suppliers

The great news for you is that Taulia has a feature called Taulia Collaborate which includes a number of tools enabling you and your suppliers to communicate efficiently. One of which is Taulia Message Board – a feature that allows your suppliers to ask you questions that are directly tied to a single purchase order, invoice, or payment document in your ERP system. Here’s how it works in five simple steps:

  1. The supplier logs on to the Taulia portal and checks the status of their invoice.
  2. If the supplier has a query, they can send a direct message to their customer.
  3. The buyer instantly receives the message in their ERP system (SAP) for review.
  4. This message is automatically associated to the document the supplier inquired about.
  5. The buyer and supplier communicate through the messaging system to resolve the issue.


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Benefits of using Taulia Collaborate

From streamlining communications to resolving invoice issues more effectively, the benefits of using the Taulia Collaborate and Taulia Message Board features are plentiful for both buyers and suppliers.

  • You can track conversations and queries from suppliers in a systematic, centralized way, meaning you can quickly understand the supplier’s query and resolve the issue swiftly.
  • By promptly resolving queries, you reduce the frustration felt by suppliers when they’re dealing with payment issues, therefore strengthening your relationship with suppliers.
  • As the messages can be ordered by type (invoice, payment, PO, vendor), you can make sure the query gets to the responsible person straight away, thereby reducing admin time.

Next steps

The bottom line is that clear, efficient communication is vital for any healthy supply chain. One company with over 3,200 suppliers has used Taulia Message Board to send on average 328 messages per month – over a seven month timeframe – significantly reducing hours of admin time. If you’re looking to increase the collaboration in your supply chain, reach out with your business consultant or contact us to learn more about partnering with Taulia.