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Taulia Announces Updates to Payables Scenario Planner

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, 01 DECEMBER 2022 – Taulia, a leading provider of working capital management solutions, today announces significant updates to its Payables Scenario Planner. Taulia’s Payables Scenario Planner is a tool designed to provide Taulia customers with better visibility into liquidity and how their working capital position could change over time.

The update will incorporate a variety of additional macroeconomic indicators tracking various vectors across the globe, including inflation, GDP, and ease of doing business. This upgrade will allow the model to move more dynamically, providing Taulia customers with more contextually-grounded information, and facilitating the further strengthening of supply chains during periods of economic instability.

Danielle Weinblatt, Chief Product Officer, Taulia, comments: “This is a significant product upgrade and demonstrates our continued commitment to providing our customers with greater visibility and deeper insights. We believe these solutions will have an immediate impact on how businesses can navigate the current inflationary environment. Through these updates we want to ensure we can provide our customers with the technology to empower them to respond to the needs of their customers and suppliers.”

About Taulia

Taulia is a fintech provider of working capital management solutions headquartered in San Francisco, California. Taulia helps companies access value tied up in their payables, receivables, and inventory. Taulia’s platform and network of more than 3 million businesses enables customers to execute their working capital strategies, support their suppliers with early payment, and contribute to building sustainable supply chains. Taulia processes more than $500 billion each year and is trusted by the world’s largest companies, including Airbus, AstraZeneca, and Nissan. In March 2022, Taulia became part of SAP. For more information, please visit taulia.com.

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