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Taulia’s Cedric Bru signs the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge

Taulia’s CEO, Cedric Bru, has officially signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge. The pledge seeks to improve diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace and community by driving meaningful change and measurable actions.

Cedric Bru joins a coalition of over 2,000 CEOs to sign this pledge, making it the most significant CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The pledge centers around four main commitments: sharing best practices, implementing and expanding unconscious bias training, promoting dialogue around DE&I topics, and creating strategies for workplace goals and initiatives.

“Diversity Is How We Grow is one of our core values at Taulia, and signing this pledge further signifies our commitment to this vital mission. At Taulia, we believe that a diverse workforce can enable us to collaborate, innovate and deliver on our mission to help all businesses accomplish their working capital goals. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together as more must be done to facilitate positive change.” states Taulia CEO Cedric Bru.

“At Taulia, we are aggressively pursuing our DE&I goals by collaborating with partners, establishing our own DE&I Advisory Committee, and continuously sharing knowledge with our employees. Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is incredibly important to us, and we want to keep the conversation going (and growing). Our unwavering commitment is to do better for our employees, customers, and communities.” states Taulia Chief of Staff, Anjali Tumrukota.

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