Payment Terms Legislation In South Africa

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South Africa

Please scroll down for a summary of payment terms in South Africa and the various industries across which payment term legislation appears.

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Industries Laws Codes Notes Interest Rate


Treasury Regulation 8.2.3 requires the government to pay suppliers within 30 days.


Run by the National Small Business Chamber of South Africa the Prompt Payment Code champions the importance of big business and government paying small suppliers within 30 days.


The Construction Industry Development Board Act limits ‘pay when paid’ clauses and provides for adjudication and resolution time limits but does not specify a maximum term.

Interest Rate

Default interest for late payments is the Prescribed Rate of Interest which is set periodically by the Minister of Finance. As at 1 July 2023 the rate was 11.75%. The National Credit Act also sets out a number of criteria for maximum interest under incidental credit agreements which apply to late payment of invoices.

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