May 25, 2022
By Boryana Ivanova and Lauren Stevens
By Boryana Ivanova and Lauren Stevens

Boryana Ivanova (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Lauren Stevens (Austin, Texas) joined Taulia as Talent Acquisition Specialists one week and 6,158 miles apart in December 2021. From the beginning, they formed a cross-continental bond that epitomized the importance of unity, belonging and teamwork.

Shortly after joining the talent team, Lauren and Boryana found they had a lot in common, despite working in different time zones and coming from different industries. Both shared challenges as women working in HR, faced FOMO (fear of missing out) and battled imposter syndrome. Despite their challenges, they were filled with excitement and anticipation while joining the global Taulian family, working side by side with colleagues from Europe, APAC and the US.

In a few short weeks of chatting through Slack and video conferencing, they found that despite their differences they had many similarities connecting their experiences. From their love of books to their pursuit of continuous learning. In fact they even took important exams the same week in March – Lauren received her PMP® certification while Boryana completed her Master’s Degree in Labor Markets and HR Management! In time, they began to recognize and appreciate the differences in the worlds they lived in while leveraging their similar experiences in the workplace.

Within the talent team their unique experiences brought them closer together as they shared past lessons, brainstormed recruitment strategies and aligned their focus on building out streamlined processes and developing a robust talent pipeline. The bond between them is truly a testament to the third core value at Taulia– Diversity is How We Grow.

Even across continents, we have the opportunity and ability to build something phenomenal by promoting a culture as strong as our bonds and friendship within the organization.

“Taulia’s culture is something we are very proud of – here we find amazing
colleagues, with diverse backgrounds and experience, with whom we work together
as a team, but we also find friends!” – Boryana Ivanova

Our culture is our people, and our people make the culture. As a team, we brainstorm together to face challenges in the best way and we share new ideas, while having the amazing opportunity to have diverse viewpoints. We also take the opportunity to share about ourselves, our lives, exciting changes, and even our favorite movies and activities, because we know we’ll be met with acceptance, positivity and support.