What challenges are suppliers facing on a day-to-day basis? And how do Taulia’s solutions provide value for them?

We surveyed over 18,500 suppliers on the Taulia network and found that 62% of suppliers are now looking for early payment – up from 54% in the 2017 Supplier Survey.

With the US-China trade dispute and Brexit on the minds of business leaders, 2019 was the year companies were adjusting their working capital challenges to thrive, and even survive, in 2020.

This Survey was taken amidst the US-China trade dispute, while Brexit too may have been playing on the minds of business leaders. Companies were adjusting their working capital challenges to thrive in the coming years.


The suppliers we surveyed offered unparalleled insight into:

  • The business challenges suppliers aim to solve with accelerated invoicing
  • The average time and date that suppliers ask for early payments
  • The opportunity for both buyers and suppliers to benefit from Taulia’s supply chain solutions
  • The overall verdict of suppliers who use Taulia to receive early payments

Read the full, annual survey and find out what your suppliers really think about accelerated invoicing.

Please note that this report is based on data taken from a survey conducted in 2018.


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