What we believe

The Taulia way

Taulia’s mission is: ‘Powering businesses to run better by building the future of finance. Together.’

The people who have united around our mission shape our culture. The diverse experiences and perspectives we each bring make Taulia stronger, more innovative and more relevant to our customers.

Yet there are some very important values we all share and demonstrate every day in everything we do. As Taulia continues to grow, these core values will remain constant.

  • Customer success is our success

    We solve for the customer. This is how we build our long-term strategy and every product and process. Our logo represents the interconnectedness of business. Buyers and suppliers. Taulia and our customers. We don’t sell products to our customers; we partner in their success.

  • We get shit done

    Doing things is not the same as getting things done. We go above and beyond to build permanent solutions, rather than go back and fix things repeatedly. We show up and push and support each other to deliver results for our customers.

  • Diversity is how we grow

    Representation matters. By bringing together people with distinct ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations and backgrounds we foster an environment where bold ideas can flourish and every voice is valued. We are committed to equity and inclusion for every employee.

What our team says

Taulia is for everyone

Workplace culture is of huge importance to every Taulian, and we all actively contribute. We strive to create an inclusive, open and nurturing environment, where you can do your best work, be recognised, and rewarded.

We Value Every Voice

At Taulia, we accept diversity in each other, our customers and all with whom we interact. This respect for diversity fuels innovation, cultivates a mindfulness to be authentic and lets every voice resonate throughout our community.

We value and support your uniqueness whether it is gender, age, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or ethnicity. Our quest for diversity connects us to each other and to our customers which fuels our success.