Few industries have been so affected by the Covid-19 global pandemic as retail.

Even before the pandemic, uncertainty was high. In both the EU and the UK, retailers were adapting their supply chains to Brexit, while changes in customer behavior, driven by an unstoppable move to digital channels, were well underway.

The global crisis, however, has accelerated these trends. To better understand how the retail industry is reacting, Taulia asked more than 50 retailers worldwide for their views and conducted in-depth interviews with the leadership of some of the largest retailers in the US, UK, and Europe.

Download this whitepaper to find further detail on the significant results Taulia discovered, which includes:

  • The need for adaptation from all areas of the retail ecosystem, whether it is sales channels or supply chains
  • While customers increasingly require an online presence, there is no one single successful approach to how this should look
  • Digitization of more than just sales channels is needed
  • The importance of agile and healthy supply chains, which are critical to managing shocks.

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