ESG is increasingly a focus for executive boards. CPOs and their teams are essential in meeting increasing consumer demand for sustainability transparency and action.

With an average of 90% of a company’s emissions generated in its supply chain, integrating ESG principles into the supply chain finance solution is an efficient method of delivering on sustainability targets.

In order to marry highly intricate supply chains with high-level strategic decision-making, companies must implement procedures that can be embedded into everyday operations. To do this companies must effectively utilise data, tools, and incentives that reward good ESG practices while remaining efficient.

Download this whitepaper to understand better:

  • What does ESG mean to leadership teams?
  • How can ESG principles drive value for a business?
  • What are the benefits of embedding ESG in your supply chain?
  • What are the risks of not having an ESG strategy?
  • How do I operationalize ESG into my supply chain?
  • What data is needed to leverage ESG effectively?
  • What constitutes success?
  • Sustainable supplier finance with Taulia?

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