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Darcy Douglas, Vice President of Professional Services at Taulia, Gaurav Malik, Regional Chief Financial Officer at Quest Diagnostics, and Lowell Mora, EVP & CFO at Cummins-Allison, explore five main reasons why enterprise finance transformations fail.

This webinar will provide guidance to help you execute an effective finance transformation plan, whether precipitated by a global pandemic, a major transaction, a financial restatement, rocketing costs, new system rollouts, leadership changes, or marketplace disruption.

Finance transformations can fail due to a number of reasons. Some of the most common are flawed strategic alignment, not enough value created, technology implemented poorly, talent not equipped for transformation, CFO/finance office looks at one-off initiative not continuous improvement oppotunity. This webinar will look at these common pitfalls and help you navigate through this difficult transitionary period.

What will you learn:

  • How to target enterprise value creation transformation not just cost reduction
  • Leverage technology to eliminate silos
  • How to integrate systems effectively
  • Evaluate skills of your finance organization to put the right people in the right places

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