This year, perhaps more than any other, has highlighted the value suppliers place on the ability to access early payments as a way of bridging a cash flow gap or enhancing cash flow predictability.

33% of suppliers are taking early payment to manage cash flow gaps, which means that the demand for cash to fund a return to growth has been greater than ever, even as the pandemic recedes.

As part of the 2021 annual supplier survey, over 12,000 businesses on the Taulia network have shared their insights.


Read the full report to gain insights into:

  • The potential of technology solutions to aid cash flow during disruption
  • How access to early payment has been a lifeline for so many businesses over the past year
  • The importance of improving supplier-buyer relationships
  • Why strengthening supply chains and their ability to withstand future economic shocks is so vital

Read the full survey report and find out why the demand for early payments remains so strong.

Please note that this report is based on data taken from a survey conducted in 2020.



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