Supply Chain Finance Impact Report

Supply Chain Finance is seen as an effective solution to combat cash flow issues and improve working capital. Taulia’s Supply Chain Finance, also known as Reverse Factoring, is a type of supplier finance that provides funding in a way that benefits everyone.

A third-party funder pays suppliers early, giving them critical liquidity where and when they need it. Businesses can pay the funder in line with payment terms, preserving cash.. Aite-Novarica Group conducted a Supply Chain vendor assessment and produced a report that evaluates Taulia’s overall competitive position, focusing on vendor stability, client strength, product features, and client services. This Impact Report explores:

  • The key trends within the Supply Chain Finance market and discusses the ways in which technology is evolving to address new market needs and challenges.
  • A transparent view into the strengths and challenges of the leading platform providers’ offerings, allowing financial institutions to make informed decisions as they select new Supply Chain Finance providers.
  • Recognition for specific players for their strengths in critical areas.

Download the report to tap into Aite-Novarica’s expertise and get an impartial view surrounding Taulia’s Supply Chain Finance product offering.


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