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Seamlessly design, execute, and control your working capital strategy – so you can release millions from your supply chain. Now’s your time to be a hero with our working capital solutions.

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Working Capital Solutions For Your Every Need

Whether you’re looking to gain visibility into your global cash position, deploy cash, or unlock working capital, our platform provides you with the tools to hit your specific business targets – in a way more flexible than you’ll find anywhere else.

Gain a real-time view of your global cash position

Align your team by giving them access to a platform that outlines your working capital performance, using real-time data and analytics.

Connect with 1.6 million businesses and financial institutions

Join our dynamic, digital network where your suppliers are already likely to be exchanging invoices and financial information.

Start improving the working capital of your suppliers

Give your suppliers access to competitively-priced liquidity so they can grow their businesses – strengthening your supply chain in the process.

Effortlessly scale your program across the supply chain

Roll out a working capital or yield program to every supplier by offering them a free self-service platform – that takes just 90 seconds to enroll.

Adjust your program as your business goals evolve

Satisfy your changing working capital needs by having the option to easily switch between dynamic discounting and supply chain finance on one platform.


Solutions That
Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Flexible funding

Flexible funding

Being flexible is critical to the success of your working capital program. Instead of implementing one early payment program, you can now deploy different strategies to manage your business needs – without impacting your suppliers’ access to cash and making sure you hit your working capital targets as internal commercial goals shift.
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Dynamic discounting

Dynamic discounting

An effective dynamic discounting program is worth its weight in gold. With our dynamic discounting, you can give your suppliers access to liquidity at predictable and reliable rates, use excess cash to earn a greater return, and manage your payments with better precision and control. Best of all? You can switch to supply chain finance when you need to.
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Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance

With our supply chain finance, you can give suppliers full visibility of the payment process, add in multiple sources of funding to mitigate the risk of funding concentration, and benefit from years of working capital expertise. Giving you the power to hold onto your cash for longer whilst handing suppliers a cost-effective way to accelerate their cash flow.
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Cash Forecasting

Cash Forecasting

Treasury’s biggest pain point has long been accurate cash forecasting. Cash flow is so important to the health, or even survival, of the business. Accurate cash forecasting offers vital benefits, including real-time decision making and the ability to accurately plan for cash gaps and cash surpluses. Gaps can be filled with an alternative source of funding and surpluses can be put to better use.
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Intelligent platform

Intelligent platform

With our intelligent platform, you can hand your team a shared set of working capital metrics, make strategic decisions about your working capital, and ultimately release millions from within your supply chain. Based on our AI, which is augmented with third-party data, you now have the power to predict when suppliers will take early payment and at what rates.
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