[Video] Gearing up for 2019 – the year to address working capital challenges

Juhie Kapoor

2019 is shaping up to be the year that businesses must adopt a game-changing approach to working capital in order to survive and thrive. To prepare you for what might be an uncertain and volatile year ahead, check out these two videos from the Working Capital Summit 2018.

Our summits, which took place in San Francisco and Chicago, were full of working capital advice and presentations on the global economy. As well as discussions on how technology is helping businesses around the globe tap into the $14 trillion trapped in financial supply chains.

Check out the highlights from the Working Capital Summit 2018:

Get invaluable advice from the experts we interviewed at last year’s summits:

If you’re hungry for more insightful advice from working capital experts, you can watch every presentation that took place at the Chicago summit here and the San Francisco summit here.