Supply Chain Finance in action

In 2010, a global telecoms business deployed a bank-led SCF early payment program that was exclusively available to their largest suppliers. Despite the program’s initial success, it couldn’t be scaled to include thousands of their medium and small suppliers - a key business objective. With Taulia, the business has onboarded thousands of suppliers and released millions back on the balance sheet.

Supply Chain Finance  in action

Clients we work with

Trading up

Since the program launched, Taulia’s client has onboarded 12,400 suppliers and created a multi-billion dollar program.

With Taulia, the results have been remarkable:

  • $10 billion program which gives suppliers a complete end-to-end process from submitting invoices to receiving early payment
  • Over 12,400 suppliers have now enrolled
  • Participating suppliers are getting paid 51 days earlier on average
  • Hundreds of suppliers migrated away from bank program