We’ve launched a new program for our future leaders

Darcy Douglas

At Taulia, we fiercely believe one of the most valuable investments our company can make is in the development of our future leaders. This philosophy ensures that our high-potential leaders will possess the skills to achieve our company’s strategy, continue to grow our culture, and inspire other employees.

To make sure we equip our future leaders with the right skills to thrive and grow, we decided to expand our LIFT program and launch the Taulia Leadership Program (TLP).

Introducing the Taulia Leadership Program

Taking place over the course of a year, the Taulia Leadership Program is offered to five high-potential leaders within Taulia. Each participant is selected from an application process and successful candidates will complete a series of sessions, which have been designed to:

  • Improve managerial and leadership skills and attributes
  • Give the participant a much broader vision of the company
  • Provide opportunities for participants to develop their careers
  • Push participants above and beyond their current skill level

Meet the five successful participants for TLP 2019:

Florian Boehme

Flo Boehm

Anjali Padhy

Anjali Padhy

Joel Keifer

Joel Keifer

Beth Sears

Beth Sears

Martin Antanasov

Martin Atanasov

These participants traveled to our San Francisco office in April to kick off the program and participate in team-building activities. They were also provided with an executive mentorship program for the year – and this month they attended high impact leadership training at Berkeley.

The next 10 months will be followed by remote sessions where each participant will be given leadership training and they will also get to learn more about the business from different department heads. Each participant will also be assigned a project where they will be given first-hand experience in different roles throughout our company, thereby gaining exposure to different divisions.

LIFT was a program that started four years ago and has grown into something very important and vital to the professional development of the employees at Taulia. I’m proud of the work that many people do to make sure the LIFT program continues to grow and help the employees of Taulia.