Taulia addresses $14Tr trapped in supply chains


Working capital pioneer brings together business leaders to explore innovations unlocking $14 trillion trapped in supply chains globally

San Francisco, June 6 2018: Taulia, the global pioneer of technology-enabled working capital solutions today announced that it is hosting two working capital summits – the biggest of their kind seen in North America. The summits will bring together business leaders from Global 2000 companies to explore how the latest technology innovations in supplier financing are transforming the way companies across the supply chain free up and deploy cash.

The first of the two events will be held in NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco on October 10 2018 and the second on October 18 2018 in the Virgin Hotel, Chicago.

“This initiative falls right in line with our mission of offering mentorship resources that fast-growing entrepreneurs can use in real-time to scale their companies,” said Nicola Corzine, Executive Director of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. “Access to mentorship and capital are probably the two biggest challenges we hear about from business leaders, so we’re expecting quite a program.”

In unveiling the summits at an exclusive interview from the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial CenterCedric Bru, CEO of Taulia said “The ability of companies to access and deploy cash in the digital age will dictate who survives and who fades from sight. 70 years ago the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company was 75 years. Today it’s just 15 years. The companies that understand how to access the cash trapped in their supply chains and put it to work to transform their business are the ones that will be the winners of tomorrow. Our goal in hosting the working capital summits is to help more companies tap into the $14 trillion in trapped cash and win in the digital age.”

To register for the event click here for San Francisco and here for Chicago.