Free up cash trapped in unpaid invoices to best benefit you

What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Accounts receivable financing is where a third-party provider buys the receivable from you in return for cash. Simply put, you sell the invoice due weeks from now for payment today.

Gain insight on your payment history and receivables performance.

Remove the hassle of multiple agreements with various funders. With just one agreement and integration you can access funds around the world.

Avoid the high charges and inflexibility of banks.

Fund all your receivables by leveraging multiple funders with different risk appetites.

Choose the receivables you want to sell – when you want, how you want.

Use the proceeds to pay your suppliers early and enjoy the freedom of greater flexibility in your cash flow.

AR financing is broken. Taulia is here to fix it.

Traditional banks’ approach to AR financing can be a growth bottleneck. Engaging multiple banks with multiple funding documents is time-consuming and resource-intensive, and legacy providers may be unable or unwilling to provide the kind of liquidity you need to help your business thrive. Meanwhile, this fragmented approach stacks the deck against the client, making it difficult to consolidate and track data between providers.

How Taulia accounts receivable financing works

When your company issues an invoice, and you recognize the revenue from the sale, an asset and a liability are created. The liability is on the part of the debtor firm or individual – simply put, they owe you money. The asset is on your side of the equation – it’s the money you are owed but haven’t received yet. This is an asset you can’t do anything with – it’s illiquid.

Our innovative technology allows you to connect with our platform and start selling receivables to the largest pool of working capital investors on the planet, all from a single funding document.


How does Taulias AR Financing work

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    Why work with Taulia?

    With access to deep global liquidity reserves with broader risk appetites than legacy institutions, we can beat banks on efficiency and other fintechs for scale.

    And with our best-in-class platform delivering sophisticated, flexible and efficient capital allocation – whatever your requirements – we offer a formidable solution to your financing needs.

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