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Effortlessly automate AP with one game-changing electronic invoicing platform. Let us show you how to tame the complexity of invoice processing with our e invoicing solutions.

Working Capital

Go Digital and Open Up A World of Opportunity

Invoicing is no longer just a way to pay or get paid. It’s an opportunity for you to streamline your whole AP department – and to start freeing up cash and optimizing working capital for your business.

Target 100% AP automation

From a single platform, your suppliers can send invoices in 119 countries. You can effortlessly automate your whole invoice management process, validate every invoice before it gets sent, improve accuracy, and reduce paper and admin time all with our e invoicing solutions – giving your AP department more time to add real strategic value to the business.

Over 1.6 million businesses

Driving supplier adoption is critical to your invoicing success. That’s why our e invoicing solution is free for suppliers, has a 90-second onboarding process, and is compatible with every business. Plus, there are already over 1.6 million suppliers sending invoices through our platform so it’s more than likely your suppliers are already using us.

1 platform, more opportunity

Automating your invoicing with our e invoicing solution means you’ll be able to shorten cycles and turn every invoice into an opportunity. From one platform, you can capture early payment discounts, manage the cash on your balance sheet, and accelerate approval time so suppliers can get paid earlier – leading to a more financially robust supply chain.

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