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What is Cash Forecasting?

Cash Forecasting will help you spot shortages and surpluses in advance. You can plan to fill gaps or manage excess cash for better returns.

Sharpen your forecasts with document-level data

Taulia Cash Forecasting provides near real-time cash flow forecasts based on your purchase orders, payables and receivables. It even incorporates the impact of factors like approval times, PO dilution and early and late payments. The predictions update every time there is a change to a document, giving you timely and effortless cash forecasts.

Deep integration does the hard work

Stop onerous data gathering exercises and calculations. Taulia integrates seamlessly with multiple globally-distributed ERP instances so you can forecast across all your business units and departments.

Nothing holding you back

Taulia Cash Forecasting is a powerful and cost-effective tool. There are no extra technical implementation steps specific to Cash Forecasting once Taulia is connected to your ERP. It can be switched on immediately.

How Taulia’s Cash Forecasting works

Taulia draws live data relating to purchase order payables and receivables from each ERP instance.

It then combines this with your historical data and uses time series machine learning techniques to predict future flows.

The predictive models are enriched with observed network behaviour from over 1 million transactions per day.

Flexible visualizations and CSV downloads of the underlying data facilitate both deeper analysis and dynamic decision-making.

  • Benefits of Cash Forecasting

    The benefits of Cash Forecasting

    Treasury’s biggest pain point has long been accurate cash flow forecasting. Cash flow is so important to the health, or even survival, of an enterprise, and accurate cash forecasting offers vital benefits:

    • Drive better corporate decision making by understanding future positions.

    • Plan for upcoming cash gaps and identify changes to payment and collection strategies to help close them.

    • Manage excess cash effectively. Only keep on hand what you need and put surpluses to more productive uses.

    • Manage FX risk by understanding future cash inflows and outflows in each currency.

    • Demonstrate predictability and forecast accuracy to key stakeholders.

    • Claw back time spent on manual data collection and spreadsheet-based forecasts.

Harness machine learning for
accurate cash forecasting

Cash Forecasting gives you a more accurate forward view of your financial position. Use it to craft a liquidity strategy that balances your competing needs to boost your balance sheet and generate high yields. Implement the tools that give you the flexibility to do both.

Unleash the predictive
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