Webinar: Shared Services Link & Taulia: Setting up successful working capital programs

The business case for e-invoicing is impressive enough. Most companies see their cost per invoice reduce by over 50% once e-invoicing is up and running.
However, the company-wide gains that come from supply chain financing can take your initial business case based on e-invoicing, and multiply it by 5000% in some cases.

  • The shared services shift from function, to process, to service, and how e-invoicing and SCF support this shift
  • Best practices to set up e-invoicing in readiness for SCF
  • Timing around e-invoicing and SCF so you can secure a 12 or 18 month ROI
  • Which approach to start with – e-invoicing first or SCF, and answers to common FAQs
  • The corporate-wide impact of injecting liquidity back into the supply chain