Webinar: Procurement Leaders & Taulia: Become best friends with finance and treasury

Leveraging relationships with treasury and finance teams can help build a competitive edge and support business strategy by driving the cash agenda and focusing on meaningful financial goals. The procurement function is uniquely placed because it has sight of supplier relationships and therefore can set up enterprise-wide programmes to optimise processes. Getting this balance right will allow procurement teams to give business colleagues what they want —cashflow, speed, transparency, governance— without delaying supplier payment or damaging relationships.

Automation, industry 4.0 and AI: technology offers a great opportunity for functions to engineer buyer and supplier activities, but the emphasis is on your team to take a proactive response. This webinar will look at those opportunities to align with financial metrics, optimise the payment process and make the most of the tools on offer.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Tips on how to create a mutually beneficial relationship between treasury and procurement departments
  • How to educate procurement teams on the value of optimising working capital
  • Advice on aligning with finance goals and metrics