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You understand the benefits of automating processes and eliminating paper from the supply chain - increased productivity, increased efficiency, cost reduction, on top of many more!

Sadly, some solution providers just aren't cutting it. Suppliers aren't happy about paying fees, adoption rates are rubbish, functionality is poor and overall system usage is disappointingly lower than you anticipated. Not to mention, certain providers are trying to cut you out of the early payment equation so they can keep all the discount capture for themselves.


Your solution provider makes it hard for you to be successful.

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They sell your payables
without your consent

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They make you onboard
your own suppliers

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They charge your suppliers
for eInvoicing

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Know your facts

What's with charging suppliers to do business with you?

The key to electronic invoice adoption is to make the transition as easy and convenient for your suppliers as possible. Give them multiple options for submitting invoices -- this is easy for you, and removes unnecessary barriers to adoption for your suppliers. Also, make sure the program is free. You don't want to charge your suppliers to do business with you, or there's a good chance they'll find a way to push this cost back to you.

Don't settle for less than ideal portal adoption.

What's the point of an invoicing, self-service, and discounting portal if nobody uses it? Ensuring maximum adoption of the portal means that you will reach your initial business goals of operational efficiencies, automation and discount revenue. That being said, supplier onboarding should not be your responsibility. Let the experts, who deal with supplier education and onboarding for a living, do this for you.

Take control of your global financial supply chain.

Now that you have your suppliers engaged in a self-service portal, your invoices are coming in electronically, and your approval process are streamlined, there's no reason to not pay invoices early, and pay less. It doesn't matter if you fund the early payment, or use third-party funding to maximize your working capital; what matters is that you're turning every invoice into a revenue opportunity, while adding millions to the bottom line and strengthening your supplier relationships.

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Analyze the data

Here are a few examples of companies that use Taulia to strengthen their supply chain.

Portal Adoption :


One of the largest US-based oil and gas companies


Canadian national telecommunications company


Largest utility company in US


One of the world's largest beverage companies


Large textile manufacturer


eInvoicing Adoption :


International offshore drilling company


One of the largest automobile manufacturers


Northeastern Healthcare Organization


Discount Capture :

Early Payment Discount Revenue

A large US utility captured over $160M in discounts in just 4 years by offering affordable financing to their supply chain.
'02 '05 '08 '11 '12 '13 '14
100 200 400 3200 4600 4300 4200
Taulia Dynamic Discounting Implemented in 2011

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