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  • The Everyday Superhero

    Steve Richards, AP Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

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Our Story Begins in a time...

when paper ruled the world!

Suppliers lived in complete darkness, blinded by a lack of transparency into the payables process and left financially strained, waiting months to be paid.  Meanwhile, Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Co. was plagued by manual processes, resource strains and missed discount opportunities - overwhelmed by paper and supplier inquiries. They knew there had to be a better way... 

One man heard their desperate plea and decided he must

take a stand against inefficiencies!

This man was Steve Richards, AP Manager for Coca-Cola Bottling, one of the nation’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottlers.

By the numbers :

6,500 Employees $1.7B in Revenue 150M Cases Sold/Yr Operations in 11 States

The Oath

Steve vowed to protect his supply chain from the evils of an inefficient world, where suppliers had no visibility into the status of their invoices and didn't have to option to be paid early.

The Search

But Steve knew he couldn't do it alone and needed more than a sidekick - he needed an ally. So Steve evaluated the top solution providers that could help him amplify his powers!

The Discovery

As soon as Steve found Taulia, he knew that together, they would be impossible to defeat! And the transformation
began ...

Steve began eliminating stacks of paper and supplier inquires by the thousands

Using his superpowers!


With the Taulia supplier portal, Steve has empowered thousands of suppliers to operate more efficiently - submitting invoices electronically, viewing payment statuses and requesting to be paid early.  


By automating the payables process with Taulia, Steve saves time, money and valuable resources - no longer dealing with the inefficiencies of manual data entry and duplicate invoices!

"With Taulia, suppliers can choose to be paid early in exchange for a discount. This is completely hands off for our payables department, the suppliers simply click a button within the portal and choose the day that they want to be paid early. We look at these savings as icing on the cake. Oh yeah, and effortless ROI!"

From that day forth, Steve would be known as an

AP Superhero!

What gifts would Steve bestow among the people?

Knowledge is (super)POWER!

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