Taulia’s Technology PlatformUnderstand the Scalability, Security and Technology of Taulia

Taulia’s technology platform is scalable, secure and seamlessly integrates into your existing ERP system, requiring no additional middleware or hardware for you or your suppliers. Our open architecture platform offers you choice by allowing you to easily connect to any proprietary portal or third-party electronic invoicing network as well as embed our functionality within these systems through self-contained widgets and standard data exchange formats.

Besides saving time, money and resources on additional IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, you’ll benefit from monitored security, full scalability and our commitment to continuously expand our platform’s features.

Our platform uses industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption. A specialized security management team continuously monitors incidents, while Trust Guard performs daily security audits, ensuring the platform is always running at top capacity.

With Taulia, you can count on 99.99% uptime and a seamless, market-leading, secure solution.

SAP Certified
SAS 70
Security Verified

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