PPN Roundtable, 26 January 2023

By Taulia
By Taulia

We are proud to be speaking at the PPN virtual roundtable this year!

Ali Ansari – Managing Director, Product Management Payables at Taulia, will discuss: How to Strengthen, Simplify and Support Your Supply Chain.


As rising inflation across the globe continues, businesses also face pressures from payment delays, logistics blockages and supply chain inefficiencies.

These issues are being compounded by rising interest rates, impending recession, and the potential for further unexpected global disasters.

The current supply chain disruptions are dictating a change in approach to supply chain management. As supply chain professionals, we should aim for simplicity and transparency when planning for 2023, and beyond. Join us as we discuss these issues and how best to ensure your supply chain remains happy, paid on time, and not put at risk.


Come and join our interactive virtual roundtable session at 10:30 – 11:30 GMT