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Internships at Taulia: Jeramina’s Story

About a year ago, I joined the Year-Up program, which aims to close the career opportunity divide by helping young adults move from minimum wage jobs to professional long-lasting careers. The program gives young adults like me, the opportunity to build a diverse set of skills and develop knowledge that can support us in our choice of career.

The program is split into two parts. There is a six-month learning program where we build our business and technical skills, then a six-month internship.

Following my initial business and technical skills training, Year-Up matched me with Taulia. I was excited at this opportunity as I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to test my new skills. Taulia placed me on the IT team, and my new journey began at the beginning of February 2021 as an IT Support Intern.

A day in the life of an IT Support Intern

Due to the pandemic, I began my internship remotely. Taulia is a global company with over 300+ employees based worldwide, and we have recently hired a lot of new people, so a big part of my role has been to onboard all the new hires in North America.

Most Mondays, I helped our new hires set up their new laptops and with programs, software, and hardware. I then take the new hires through all of our programs and help them get acquainted with the applications they need to be successful at Taulia. My responsibilities have varied from day to day but have always involved supporting colleagues with their technical and IT challenges.

Another part of my job has been to help colleagues with their IT support tickets. Issues have ranged from computer refreshes and restarts to troubleshooting and configuring problems. When I’m not helping colleagues with IT support tickets or going through onboarding training, I write technical documentation to enable colleagues to self-serve and resolve common problems without IT support. My team has been really supportive and helped me broaden my skill set and knowledge on a daily basis and I feel blessed to have been treated as a genuine Taulian during my time here.

Skill building and making memories

What has been most important to me has been the new skills I’ve learned and memories. I’ve made. I’ve improved my troubleshooting and configuration skills, learned the Mac Operating System, and now know how to set up laptops from scratch. I’ve also learned how to multitask proactively in a fast, global environment, work collaboratively in a team, and now understand how to calmly solve complex problems. Moving forward, I have earned the opportunity to participate in a new project to automate our onboarding and offboarding process.

Even though the internship has been remote, I’ve still connected with other Taulians and gotten to know them both personally and professionally. I’ve participated in virtual happy hours, chocolate tastings, and company lunches, which has been great fun and makes work much more than the 9-5.

One of my best memories during my experience at Taulia was when I had to have surgery during my second week. I was worried that my colleagues would get angry or upset at me for taking time off, but they surprised me by sending flowers to my home!

What’s next for me

It’s currently the end of the six months at Taulia, but I’ve recently extended my internship!

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue making waves and building my career here. I would like to share a few top tips for anyone else seeking to get in the door and make the most of an internship opportunity:

My experience at Taulia has been life-changing, and I’m ready to see where this takes me. If you are looking for an opportunity to join Taulia, please reach out to us and find more information on our careers page.

Just go for it and see where it takes you. You never know where you’ll end up.

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