Taulia's invoice-to-pay solution analysis

Pitted against 15 major competitors, we achieved top marks in invoicing, trade financing, supplier onboarding, integration and financial analytics. View the full report from industry-leading analysts Spend Matters to discover how Taulia:

  • Led the way nearly a decade ago as the first standalone dynamic discounting (and invoice-to-pay) technology provider to build material traction on its own
  • Primarily sold into the SAP customer base (owing to tight technical integrations with SAP ECC)
  • Has expanded from its roots into a broad- based trade financing (receivables and payables financing) and invoice-to- pay specialist that integrates with a range of popular ERP and source-to-pay systems
  • Now brings third-party capital and funding options to the table (bank, multi-bank and non-bank)



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