January 04, 2023
By Taulia
By Taulia

Customer Background

Founded in 1939, Moen is the most well-known kitchen and bath brand among North American consumers. Moen entered the Chinese market in 1994 and has established nearly 1,000 stores across more than 300 cities in China, building an enviable reputation, gaining recognition from partners, and popularity with Chinese consumers.

Customer Expectations

In recent years, Moen has been looking for an innovative supply chain finance solution to bring instant funding support to their suppliers whenever they have liquidity needs.

Taulia Solution

J.P. Morgan is one of Moen’s major banks in China and the global strategic alliance partner of Taulia. Based on a deep understanding of customer needs, Taulia and J.P. Morgan jointly customized a supplier dynamic discounting solution for Moen, bringing innovative and instant funding support to suppliers. As the working capital management technology provider, Taulia built a dedicated supplier self-service platform for Moen and provides ongoing program operation support. Suppliers can register to go live within 90 seconds, check the status of their invoices at any time, and apply for early payback on approved invoices instantly.

Compared with traditional bank loans, Taulia’s Dynamic Discounting solution assists suppliers with funding support via a straightforward and fast process. For Moen, Taulia further provides program performance analysis tools with a highly visualized performance dashboard for continuous program improvement. In addition, J.P. Morgan will provide a host-to-host automatic payment process to fully enable the STP handling of Moen’s payment needs.

Andrew Han, Vice President, Finance & AEC Sales – Fortune Brands Water Innovations Asia and Executive Sponsor for this project – highly appreciated the innovation and collaboration from J.P. Morgan and Taulia team for bringing this solution to Moen and looks forward to the successful program execution to fulfill business objectives.

This innovative solution marks the first local mandate for Taulia solutions in China with J.P. Morgan’s close collaboration and our customer’s great trust. As a member of the SAP group, Taulia has always been committed to bringing world-class supply chain finance solutions to support our global client’s comprehensive needs in managing their global supply chain, with our vision to create a world where every business will thrive by liberating cash in their supply chain.