Adaugeo Media & Taulia: Meet the Working Capital Gamechangers

Behind every successful working capital project is a gamechanger who sees the potential to free up cash in the supply chain – and acts to make it happen. Now the Working Capital Forum has teamed up with Taulia to identify the key steps needed to change the cash culture in your organisation.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn from Andrew Wilson, Former Working Capital Head, AstraZeneca and Nick Boaro, Partner EY of the gamechangers featured in Taulia’s Gamechangers Guide to Working Capital Optimization. In a lively, moderated conversation, they will talk through the stages in a successful programme, including:

1) Setting your working capital goals
2) Putting together the right team
3) Selecting a partner
4) Building your working capital dashboard
5) Rolling out your program
6) “Bear Traps” to avoid